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Welcome To IPM Inc

IPM Inc is a full service Minot property management company. We focus on residential and multi-family properties. Having a successful rental property requires a lot of time, effort, experience and knowledge. Let us save you the time, effort and frustration that comes with gaining that experience.

“We appreciate everything you’ve done – and it’s been a lot! – to help us find our new home. You. Are. Incredible. Thank you for your time, knowledge, skill, and your friendship. We love you!”

- Lori

“It was so AWESOME of you, APPRECIATED it more than words can say!

Thank you for going the extra mile for us. We love our home!”

- Evan & Megan

“Thank you so much for all you do. It is with great appreciation that we write this for you. Thank you for always giving the best of you and providing such an amazing service. We are extremely pleased and very comfortable renting from you. You always make sure to respond promptly and with a solution to our troubles. Thank you for making my family and I feel at home in your property.”

- The Montaño Family

Minot Rental Talk

Property Management Blog
Why Is Rent Going Up?
Thursday, September 8, 2022
You may have noticed that rent prices are going up. Not just here at IPM, but EVERYWHERE and it stinks. According to common group-think arguments we hear around town, this is because landlords are greedy want to take all the money that they can. This mis-conception makes us sad. So we're here to clear the air about WHY your rent ... read more
Property Management Blog
Why Not My Furry Friend?
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Let's talk pets. Some of our homes/apartments allow pets and some don't. Why is that? It basically comes down to the owner of the building. As a property management company, IPM manages the owners' wishes. But why wouldn't an owner want to allow tenants to bring their furry friends? We all love our pets! The... read more