Why Not My Furry Friend?

Why Not My Furry Friend?

Let's talk pets. 

Some of our homes/apartments allow pets and some don't. Why is that? 

It basically comes down to the owner of the building. As a property management company, IPM manages the owners' wishes. 

But why wouldn't an owner want to allow tenants to bring their furry friends? We all love our pets! The answer is quite simple. Some pets can cause astronomical damages. 

We know, it's not exactly fair for one responsible pet owner to not be allowed just because some one else's pet caused thousands of dollars in damages to the space. However, it is likely that it has been several pets over the course of time that has made the owner not to want to deal with pets anymore. For every 1 responsible owner, there are 2 irresponsible ones who let their pets pee and poo inside, chew holes in walls and basically destroy the place. 

It stinks (sometimes literally), but it's the way it is. Some tenants say, " But we paid a deposit, isn't that what that covers?"

Technically yes, your deposit covers any damages to the place, however all property management companies will tell you that pets can very very easily exceed that $500 in damages and many times it is the management company who has been left to cover exorbitant costs out of pocket. Sometimes thousands of dollars just to make the place habitable again. Everything costs money to repair. 

So, that is the reason behind the "No Pets Please" and also the extra deposit charges and pet rent monthly charges on some of our properties. The fact is that even though your pet is very well-behaved and wouldn't mess up anything, a lot are not. 

Pets are wonderful companions, but they are also a huge responsibility to care for and maintain.