How Much Rent can I AFFORD?

How Much Rent can I AFFORD?

How much can I AFFORD to pay in rent?

 To find out where your housing budget should be, there is a pretty simple formula.

Write down all your expenses ( car payments, phone bill, TV subscriptions, insurance etc.). Then, figure out your estimated monthly income (after taxes). Your rent payment really shouldn’t be any more than 30% of your total income. There can be a tiny bit of wiggle room based on your other expenses, but in a general sense, 30% is a good place to be. 

For example: 

If I make $2,000 a month, 30% of my monthly income is $600. That is where I should start my budget for my apartment search. ( keeping in mind utilities costs on top of that so I may want to look a little less, around the $550/month mark)

This is a great chance to practice those math skills!

To find the percentage just solve for B { B/(income) = 30/100} 

For my example:

Income= $2,000. 

So I do 2000 x 30= 60,000

Then I take 60,000 and divide it by 100 = 600

So, let's put this into play. I make $2000/month and 

$600/month for rent

$100 Utilities

$350 Car/Insurance

$150 phone/gas

That puts me at $1200 spending a month and $800 left over for food & extras. 

Of course, everyone’s spending needs will be different, but this is visual to see how much you can afford. 

Keep in mind that most places you will have to pay a deposit and first month’s rent before moving in. So, I would need about $1200 upfront before moving in. Make sure you're saving a little bit of money every month to get to this goal.

If this is a little too overwhelming, you can always check out this online rent calculator here >>>> >>> 

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